“Words…. they provoke thoughts, encourage action, champion causes, win arguments, and position businesses. They unite, divide, motivate, and inspire. Like the visual impact of an artists’ canvas or the rhythmic cadence of a musician’s symphony, nothing is quite as compelling – or as powerful – as the right words.” Lori Anne Oliwa, Public Relations Strategist, Journalist, Contributing Editor, and Owner of The Write Angles L.L.C.  

Lori Anne has been a writer her entire life and is a lover of the inherent and strategic power of words. She writes extensively on business entrepreneurship, politics, women's issues, travel, current events, government, philanthropic leadership, and causes. She has been retained by several publications to provide coverage of community-based and society events as well as charitable organizations. Lori Anne leverages the power of her experience as a journalist, contributing editor, news correspondent, publicist, and business owner to gain recognition for her clients. Words are empowering. When they are employed as part of a public relations and media plan, target audiences will take note.  

                                    "Meet The Business Leaders" Series

Lori Anne is featured on www.LinkedInterviews.com. The complete audio interview is available at http://www.e-businesssytem.com/cip/cip-LoriAnneOliwa.htm

Samples of her business features, personal profiles, news stories, and travel columns can be seen in the following publications:

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